Then and Now: The New Formula for Early Stage & Angel Investment
Then and Now: The New Formula for Early Stage & Angel Investment

In recent years, larger VC firms are becoming less active in funding start-ups and channelling their investments towards later-stage venture. This is giving rise to more angel investments and investor syndicates for seed and early stage. Furthermore, accredited investing portals have emerged to create connections between entrepreneurs and angels, bringing additional fluidity and ease to this market. This panel will deep dive into the shift in the characteristics as well as decode the new formula of early stage and angel investments.

Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF), Cyberport's annual premier venture forum, will return on 5-6 November to present the game-changing world of tech venturing. The Forum will put you at the epicentre of the trending ecosystem on venture capital and beyond - the rising corporate venture and strategic investing, dynamic investment markets along the Belt & Road region, shifting capital flow amidst the geopolitical volatility, disruptive funding platforms and more. CVCF will also stage an Innovator Showcase presenting promising start-up projects, and the exclusive Investor Matching platform will spark new connections and catalyse deal-sourcing and fundraising opportunity!

Connecting capital, innovation, entrepreneurship and growth - the region's signature venture conference you cannot miss!

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