Asia Leadership Roundtable
Asia Leadership Roundtable is a by-invitation network of movers and shakers in Asia providing platforms for focused dialogue, issue investigation, and possible collective action on strategic issues relating to economic, business and social development in Asia. Our aim is to enhance communication and increase mutual understanding between China, Asian and Western countries.
Asia Leadership Roundtable ( www.cdroundtable.com ) was created as a result of the success of the China Daily CEO Roundtable ( established in 2004, http://ceoroundtable.chinadaily.com.cn) and with the support of the Asia News Network, an alliance of 20 national media in 19 Asian countries ( http://www.asianews.network/ ).

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Asia Leadership Roundtable

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Email: roundtable@chinadailyasia.com

Website: http://www.cdroundtable.com