Smarter Technovation for All: Forging a Sustainable Future
Smarter Technovation for All: Forging a Sustainable Future

DES 2024 will delve into the transformative power of smart cities, exploring how cutting-edge technologies and innovative applications are reshaping the urban landscape and modern digital economy through the lenses of sustainability, connectivity, and resilience. Through discussing the future disruption of various smart city pillars around the world, the event serves as a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and policymakers to collaborate, share insights, and co-create a future where cities thrive as dynamic, livable, and forward-thinking hubs of innovation.

8 Thematic Forums: Unleashing Diverse Technovation Insights
1. Visionary Forum
2. Energy, Environment & Mobility Forum
3. Smart Economy & Business Innovation Forum
4. Smart Industrialisation & Supply Chain Forum
5. Smart Finance Forum
6. Living & Inclusion Forum
7. AI & Web3 Forum
8. Elite Innovators Forum

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