GBA Youth Development Forum 2022
GBA Youth Development Forum 2022

The forum under the theme “Gathering Young Talent, Making a Difference”, brings together young Hong Kong people for discussions on the following topics: “New Realm of Innovative Technology, New Era in Finance, and New Perspectives on Culture and Sports”. It is our hope that through this forum young people will be inspired to step out of their comfort zones, pursue their dreams and fulfil their potential.

The youth forum will provide an interactive platform for youth leaders from different sectors to discuss the important role of Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area. During their discussions, they will share their views on how the continuous development of the region will benefit Hong Kong Youth by allowing them to widen their perspectives, achieve their personal goals and contribute to the sustainable growth of the community.

The Greater Bay Area offers unprecedented opportunities for Hong Kong Youth to explore their future. In addition, with the implementation of enhanced policies and improved inter-city transportation, the Greater Bay Area provides a bigger stage with all the resources that Hong Kong youth can leverage to become the corporate leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The forum will be held on 24 October. Register now at

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