China Daily Gathers IP Creators to Discuss the Opportunities for Gaming IP in the Era of Cultural and Creative Industries

China Daily Gathers IP Creators to Discuss the Opportunities for Gaming IP in the Era of Cultural and Creative Industries

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China Daily Gathers IP Creators to Discuss the Opportunities for Gaming IP in the Era of Cultural and Creative Industries

Dec 5, 2019, HK: Co-organized by China Daily and Business of IP Asia Forum, a panel discussion session, themed “New Era of Cultural and Creative Industries: Opportunities for Gaming IP” will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday, Dec 5, 2019. It attracted more than 150 entrepreneurs, IP creators and corporate decision makers.

By the end of 2019, the worth of global gaming market is estimated to reach $152.1 billion, with 45 percent ($68.5 billion) coming from mobile gaming. The Asia-Pacific region remains the largest gaming market, accounting for a total of $72.2 billion in revenue.

With the exponential growth of mobile gaming, users are actively creating their own services and entertainment experience. Connections between creative and cultural sectors are strengthening, and therefore global gaming IP trading is on the rise.

The panel had four influential investors and experts. They are Mr. Hendrick Sin, Co-founder & Vice Chairman, CMGE Technology Group Limited; Mr. Xu Yiran Alex, Chairman and CEO, Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited; Mr. Kevin Lee Ka Tsun, Founder & CEO, Redspots Creative; and Mr. Darang Candra, Head of Esports Research, Niko Partners. They shared their views on the factors driving changes in the mobile gaming industry in this new era of cultural and creative industries. They also examined whether the global gaming industry is set to rise further in value and growth.

Mr. Sin said IPs usually come from two channels. The first one is working with IP owners globally such as Disney on a game-by-game basis. The second one is actively investing IP startups, such as TV dramas and animations. Game companies can work with IP startups on games when IP startups are incubated.

Mr. Xu said online games not only count on IPs, but also help and provide value for IPs. They create a channel for IP holders to widely reach their audience and fans base. Online games also give an opportunity for all the fans to build up social relationship.

Mr. Lee said cultural and creative industry is a big one. What his company trying to do is using their solutions to create committed animation contents. After that, they can cooperate with the game companies and partners to develop animation contents. That’s where money is making.

Mr. Candra said in a long period in the future, we should try to get IP supports for cloud games which are likely to be a big thing in Asia in the future. We should also try to get more supports for e-Sports. When we are developing or creating an IP, we should try to cooperate more with non-invented brands.

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