Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards 2022 Ceremony
Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards 2022 Ceremony

The Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards(HERA) is an annual event to recognise listed companies for outstanding ESG reporting and business practice. The awards not only cerebrate the winners and the cause, but also bolster the efforts companies invest into pursue improved ESG practices. The HERA 2022 Ceremony will be held on 20 October.

HERA aims not only to recognise companies for outstanding reporting on ESG, but also to build and strengthen the ESG coterie in Hong Kong, Mainland, Macao, and Taiwan. We want to highlight growing interest in ESG in the midst of the ongoing turbulence and how companies can tap into new opportunities, address challenges and adapt their business models to ensure long-term sustainability.

HERA is thrilled at having received over 100 entries for HERA 2022 awards, setting yet another record in its 5th anniversary. HERA has also collaborated with GRESB, the global ESG benchmark for financial markets, to launch a new award category called “Excellence in Real Estate” this year which received warm reception.

The Awards welcome applications from companies in Hong Kong, Mainland, Macao, and Taiwan who follow exceptional and effective practices in sustainability reporting. To learn more details, please visit our website (www.hkesgawards.com).

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