World Chinese Economic Summit
World Chinese Economic Summit

The World Chinese Business & Economic Summit (WCBES) is an annual international forum. Its purpose is to improve business linkages and connectivity between China and the world, providing a platform for high-level discussions on global and regional events in relation to China’s rise as a world-leading economy.

The World Chinese Economic Forum was founded by its Patron, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew and Organising Chairman, Tan Sri Michael Yeoh 11 years ago in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, the Forum has been held in Chongqing, China, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Malacca in Malaysia.

This year the Forum is re-branded as the World Chinese Economic Summit (WCES) to refocus on the importance of business as a driver of sustainable economic growth and as builders of bridges across communities, nations and cultures. The partnership between Government, Business, Think Tanks and Scholars is a key priority for the WCES which provides a meeting of minds for Entrepreneurs, Strategists and Government Officials.

The WCES promotes entrepreneurship, smart partnerships, the digital economy, connectivity and green growth. It also aims to connect the East and West and the Global Chinese Diaspora.

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