China-Philippines Dialogue: A New Chapter in China-Philippines Ties and the Prospects of China-ASEAN Cooperation

Building on last year's success, the 2nd edition of the Dialogue aims to strengthen communications and trust, deepen understanding of cooperation opportunities between China and the Philippines in broad range of areas, which include tourism, human resource development and promoting personnel exchanges, energy cooperation, trade facilitation and many more opportunities. According to recent data provided by the Philippines Department of Tourism, it showed Chinese visitor arrivals jumped by 76.5 percent to 85,948 in January 2017. The warming of relations between China and the Philippines is expected to further bolster the tourism industry and significantly contribute to its economy.

One of the first Chinese national media launching a platform regarding Sino-Philippine business opportunities, we believe such ground for mutual understanding and communications is vital and favourable to future bilateral trade, partnership and cooperation. This is where understandings are bridged, ideas nurtured and horizons expanded.

Opening ahead of this year's ASEAN-China Leaders Meeting, the Dialogue will also be a chance for participants to discuss the prospects of China-ASEAN cooperation.

Oct 26,2017

Makati, Philippines


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