Greater Bay Area Conference - GBA: The Way Forward
Greater Bay Area Conference - GBA: The Way Forward

Building on the success of Belt and Road Conference, the Greater Bay Area Conference aims to bring together influential business leaders, government officials and academics in the Greater Bay Area to discuss developments and trends of various sectors especially in the time of COVID pandemic, including healthcare sector, technology infrastructure and the new opportunities for Hong Kong. The conference is expected to bring together C-level senior executives from Fortune Global 500 and China 500 companies, think tanks, academics, media and experts from public and private sectors across Asia. It will also be open to local and international media.

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08:00-09:00 Delegate Registration
09:00-09:05 Introduction by the Emcee
09:05-09:10 Welcoming Remarks
09:10-09:45 Keynote Addresses
09:45-11:00 Panel Discussion I: Reshaping Healthcare Sector amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated changes in market dynamics, forcing businesses across many sectors to adapt their existing models with the new normal. As a key pillar to beat this unprecedented crisis, the healthcare industry is expected to have several changes during and after the pandemic. With the original huge demand in the Greater Bay Area, will Hong Kong-branded healthcare services benefit? What’s the next normal for the healthcare sector? How will cities work together to serve this mega region?
11:00-12:15 Panel Discussion II: Technology Infrastructure: The New Engine of Economic Growth

Initiated at the Two Sessions, the new infrastructure aims to facilitate innovation and strengthen weak connections in socioeconomic development which involve development of 5G, internet of things, industrial internet, cloud computing, blockchain, data centers, smart computing, and smart transportation. How can technology infrastructure drive a further economic growth and create a sustainable future? How does it help us ride out the difficulties caused by COVID-19?
12:15-13:30 Panel Discussion III: Will Hong Kong Change Its Role in the Greater Bay Area

With the China-US relations reaching a low point and the revocation of Hong Kong’s preferential economic treatment, questions linger over the SAR’s position as an international financial hub and its key role in the Greater Bay Area. Can Hong Kong retain its role in the Bay Area? How can various sectors work together to reap the new opportunities?
13:30-14:30 Lunch
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