Ms. GENG Xiaonan

Beijing Sky Saga Film &TV Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Majored in Directing, Xiaonan graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. As the CEO of the Heaven Pictures Inc., well-known for making of art films, Xiannan executive produced the documentary “River Road”, which was nominated in Tokyo International Film Festival.

As a host and event planner to promote movie culture for years, Xiaonan has hosted culture forums and movie saloons by inviting many of movie celebrities, scholars and the like.

With more than 10 years of publishing experience, Xiaonan won multiple awards for the books that she published.

Long engaged in film production, book publishing and social media, as well as pop culture, Xiaonan has gained sharp observations and developed unique insights in these fields. Nowadays, Xiaonan is engaged in the social media on film production, film reviewing, and film data analysis and film education.