Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands

MR. JOSE LUIS U. YULO, JR., is President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands, the

oldest business organization in the country. He cofounded and managed the first trade exhibit center of

the country – the Philippine Center for International Trade & Exhibits. He is co-founder and former president

of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, former Secretary General (honorary) of the ASEAN

Chambers of Commerce and Industry, former Honorary Treasurer of CACCI - Confederation of Asian Amber's of Commerce and Industry, and founding pioneer member of ABAC - APEC Business Advisory Council and Co-

Chairman of its CrossBorder Flows Committee that introduced the APEC Travel Card. He served as President and CEO of the Philippine International Trading Corporation of the Philippine Government, and later became the President and CEO of the Philippine Stock Exchange. While serving as the Honorary Consul- General of the Republic of Slovenia to the Philippines.

Having been Chairman, President, Board member, and in management in various fields: sugar refinery, oil refinery, gas stations, diesel engine dealership, steel drums manufacturing, handicrafts retailing and exports, international trading, trade fairs and exhibitions , designs and construction, countertrade, industrial offsets, stock exchange management, securities clearing operations, banking, insurance, and various civic volunteer work , Mr. Yulo has received multi awards for his accomplishments.