2017-12-08 12:10

Interpreting the New Trend of Film Adaptation

Dec 7, 2017, Hong Kong: In collaboration with the Business of IP Asia Forum, China Daily held a panel discussion themed “The Trend of Film Adaptation” from 16:30 to 18:00 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday, Dec 7, 2017.

China Daily is delighted to have four distinguished speakers at the forum. They are Mr. Tony GAO, Business Partner and General Manager of East China, EntGroup; Ms. GENG Xiaonan, President of Beijing Sky Saga Film & TV Culture Media Co. Ltd.; Mr. LUO Li, Vice-President of China Literature; and Mr. MA Zhongjun, Chairman and President of Ciwen Media Co. Ltd.

Mr. Tony GAO said that IP adaptation products can’t be rushed, only those made with heartfelt dedication could ace the game.

Ms. GENG Xiaonan said that the only value of IP is the fact that the original art piece has tested by the market, which gives it a strong market base. However, there is still a long way before we turn readers

and game players into film and TV audience. That’s what we have neglected as we focus too much on topics like the incubation of IP.

Mr. LUO Li said that normally online writers finish their long-literary pieces in two to three years, while the world views their works create and the commercial interest of their IP adaptations bring will never end. The outstanding work suitable for IP adaptations must have its potentials in all kinds of entertainment products, such as TV series, movies, games and comics. If the work gains its popularity in a sole product market, it will not be very profitable in the long term.

Mr. MA Zhongjun said that China’s film industry is undergoing a development process similar to that of the Hollywood many years ago, but in a quicker pace. Within ten years of time, more than half of the films shown in the cinema will be based on existing novels or IP (Intellectual Property), like the current US.

Popular films and TV series, including “Wu Kong”, “Eternal Love” and “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, which had been adapted from online literature, have been popular among movie goers this year, while the successful initial public offerings of new economy stocks like China Literature and IReader Technology could prove the value of the online literature market. By June 2017, the total number of online literature market users had surged to 352 million. Together with the “Warcraft: The Beginning” adaptation released last year, a cool RMB1.47 billion was poured into the industry. And, along with the increase in the number of subscribers for Chinese internet animation, the video game genre is expected to continue to grow.

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