Globalisation vs Deglobalisation Forum (Media Partnership Programme)

Have Brexit and the new immigration policies from the US President Donald Trump signified a turning point in Globalisation, a trend that has been prevailing over the past few decades? Does it mean Globalisation is now facing a major backlash? Where is the world heading politically, financially and socially?

This forum, “ Globalisation vs Deglobalisation”, is a key event in the celebration of the HKU SPACE 60th Anniversary. Two distinguished professors on the subject, one hailing from Harvard University and the other from Princeton University, will share their thoughts and insights from different perspectives through keynote speeches at the forum. Following the keynote speeches a panel discussion will take place, with three HK local dignitaries in addition to the two aforementioned professors as panel members, to further explore the subject with local relevance.


Jun 29, 2017







Opening Speech

Globalisation: A Blessing or a Curse?

Speaker: Professor Jeffry Frieden, Professor of Government, Harvard University

The Backlashes against Globalisation

Speaker: Professor Harold James, Professor of History and International Affairs, Princeton University

Panel Discussion

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