China Daily CEO Roundtable

Launched in April 2004 in Hong Kong, China Daily CEO Roundtable provides a network for government leaders, CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies. Thereafter, 35 roundtables have been held in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong with over 2,000 attendances.


China's Exclusive Network of Movers and Shakers in Business


China Daily CEO Roundtable provides well-timed, closed-door platforms for insightful dialogue and collective learning on strategic issues focusing on the Chinese economy, business, regional and social development.

Target Delegates

China Daily CEO Roundtable is a by-invitation-only network of government leaders, CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 and China's largest companies. Delegates get invited based on their reputation in the market and their personal achievements in their respective careers. Our delegates are usually people at top management level, with decision-making authority on strategic and general management issues of their companies in China or Asia Pacific.


Discussions plus independent expert articles will be given prominent coverage on our newspaper and website. Executive summaries will be submitted to leaders at relevant ministries for reference in formulating future policies. Feedback from readers at home and abroad will be forwarded back to respective delegates for their reference and follow-up. Wherever appropriate, delegates will be provided with opportunities to personally meet with leaders from central and provincial governments.

Location, Venue, Format, Language and Fees

Roundtables are usually organized at five-star hotels in major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Delegates determine the format of the roundtable, which are usually conducted over breakfasts, lunches or dinners. Wherever relevant and appropriate, roundtables will run for half-day up to one full day or more.

The primary language for roundtable events is English, but translation will be provided where necessary.
Unlike other international conference organizations or media, our CEO roundtable events are usually free of charge for invited delegates. Delegates' active participation, their sharing of executive insights, their knowledge and expertise input are highly encouraged, if not expected.

Strategic Partners: Bayer and Deloitte

China Daily CEO Roundtable works closely with strategic partners who commit strong financial support to our initiatives. Bayer and Deloitte, both global leaders in their respective business sectors, will fully reflect the concerns of Fortune 500 companies and their investments in China. In our event planning process, considerable attention will be given to strategic issues affecting Fortune 500 companies' operations, investments and business development in China.

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